Sometimes, you just have to go through your old clipfile…


Ice Haus Bed & Breakfast
:30 Radio Spot


‘The Unexpected Visit’


ROB:  Hello?

DAD:  (SFX–ON PHONE)  Hi, son.  Your mother and I thought we’d come visit our new grandson this weekend.

ROB:  (Dismayed, but trying not to show it):  That’s great, Dad, but–

DAD:  We’re not going to turn you out of your beds.  This time we’re staying at the Ice Haus Bed and Breakfast.

ROB:  That’s right off I-90, isn’t it?

DAD:  Yup.  Exit 1-89 in Dexter.  The Ice Haus offers all the comforts of home with the extras you just can’t get at a hotel.  They’re even handicapped accessible!

ROB:  So, does this mean you’ll still help with the midnight feeding?

DAD:  I’d like to, son, but breakfast isn’t served on the deck until 8 A-M.

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