There comes a time in every artist’s life, where they take stock of what they have accomplished, check things off that To Do List and star prioritizing all of the open projects.  I am no different.

I started writing when i was still in elementary school.  I was addicted to the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.  In many ways, Nancy was my hero…smart, pretty and able to solve mysteries that even the grown-up professionals couldn’t figure out.  In my stories, Nancy had a younger sister – me – and I carefully wove myself into her world.

Then, I discovered science fiction.  Later, fantasy.  And with each new genre, I found myself exploring not only ‘strange new worlds’ but also the evolution of the writer I was becoming.  My writing evolved from fanfic to my own universes.  My characters were no longer ‘me’ but aspects of the world around me.  I became an extroverted introvert.

After college, I was a founding board member of the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association and my focus moved from creating fiction to supporting documentation for our website, resources and press kit.  After our daughter was born, I became an active blogger, herbalist, Reiki Master-Teacher and life coach.

This site is all about sharing my projects, the evolution-in-motion that is my creativity.

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