Skin Patch Test

It’s important to do a skin patch test before using an essential oil on the skin.  Some essential oils cause skin irritation, sun sensitivity or an allergic reaction.  And, it doesn’t matter if the oil is considered to be ‘safe’.  Every individual reacts differently.  It may smell good, but even the most ‘gentlest’ of essential oils can irritate the skin.

Start by adding 10 drops of essential oil to about two tablespoons of a carrier oil.  I prefer olive or jojoba oil but choose a carrier oil that works for you.  I also use organic oils, and find cold-pressed to be of a higher quality.

Next, place a few drops on the inside of your elbow or wrist and cover with a bandage.

If you experience any irritation or skin reaction, immediately remove the bandage and wash the area with a mild soap.  If there is no reaction within 4 – 5 hours, the essential oil passes and can be used topically.



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