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Attention, DIYers!  Want to make bath bombs, bath salts, bath vinegars? Using only organic ingredients and essential oils?

There are hundreds of YouTube videos, countless websites and dozens of books.  Recipes are a great starting point, but how do you really know that you’re doing it right?

Instead of just tossing out a bunch of bath product recipes, DYI Herbal Spa starts with that crucial step that most teachers miss:  training your sense of smell so that you can create the perfect scent every time.  And every chapter contains easy-to-follow training exercises designed for you to become comfortable with making each type of botanical product…as well as a few recipes to get you started.

Ready to dig in?  Join me at DIY Herbal,  so you can look over my shoulder and see how it’s done.

Reader Comments:

My daughter and granddaughter thank you!  For my granddaughter’s 11th birthday, my daughter did a ‘spa’ party.  Together they made foot soaks (that’s where you came in).  They used my essential oils and citric acid along with a couple of other items.  My granddaughter is now into foot soaks!

Thanks again for sharing!  ~ Lindy R.

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