I don’t really have words to describe August 2nd, 2015.  It was the evening that we lost our home and most of our belongings.

One of the firemen on duty saw smoke.  He alerted the station and I’m told that they were already on their way, guided only by the smoke, when the call came through with the address.

As the fire progressed, 27 firefighters from five different fire stations responded.  But, even with their quick response, it became apparent that our house was a total loss.

The cause of the fire is unknown.  It could have been our pool heater.  It could have been a spark from a grill.  Or, a cigarette flicked from a passing car and carried on the wind to the rubber mulch beneath our pool deck.

We saved an iPad, a tablet, a Surface Pro, two laptops and ourselves.  Thanks to our quick-thinking neighbors, we also were able to save our two cars, a motorcycle and a lawnmower.

Most of the material I was using to write my next two herbal books is gone.  Notes, sketches, recipes, herbs.  We may have been able to salvage some of the binders (I’m a paper person) and I know that some of the information is on two online blogs that I kept in the 90s.  Hopefully, I can find the URLs and passwords!

We will be rebuilding the house, but it will take time.  So many people have reached out to my family with donations, support and prayers that we have been completely overwhelmed by their generosity.  And, some have questions about how to make sure that they’re ready if something like this happens to their family.

I’ve started outlining a new book, working title:  Preparing For Your Personal Apocalypse.  Want to keep up with the conversation?  I’ll be answering questions and keeping everyone updated on my progress on Facebook.

After that, I plan to take some time to work on my herbal books.  I promise!

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