There comes a time in every author’s life when they have to admit that life has been just a bit overwhelming.  That some times it’s necessary to relax into the stress and let go of everything but the bare essentials.  That it’s ok to just  : breathe :

This site has been idle for far too long.  I had a new theme installed over a year ago and was so paralyzed by the need to relearn how to manage the site that I…walked away…for a bit.

It’s still not where I need it to be, and that’s ok.  Little bit by little bit I will work away at the site until it either reflects who I am as an author, or I have it professionally rebuilt.

In the meantime, enjoy.  My to-write list is now 40+ books deep and I’ve started translating ideas to outlines.  First up:  DIY Herbal Elixers.  Hey, it’s summertime and it’s time to start exploring again.  Stay tuned!

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